Kim Kardashian wearing a luxury choker

'90s Jewelry Is Back

The holiday season is not over! With Christmas past, we now have New Year's Eve celebration. KnowStyle has the perfect chokers to help finish the look. The hottest accessory for this year is the choker necklaces. The beloved ‘90s jewelry is back again. Fashion trends always come back in style. All the “instyle” ladies and celebrities are getting on the wagon for this season’s hottest necklace. The trend is for about anyone. The recent popular choker is the crystal chokers. Chokers with sparkles and crystals is perfect for a special occasion outfits.
To start off, our Come to Me Choker is a two row rhinestone choker with adjustable clasp closure. Style this necklace with our Distressed Denim Jacket. Oversized denim jacket that can give off a laid back vibe, can be more chic with the choker added. This choker can be added to just about any outfits, if you want a little sparkle.
The most popular crystal choker is the Luxury Choker. Silver plated base metal with lobster clasp closure featuring extension chain rhinestones. This is the most famous one, as we have seen Kim Kardashian wear this necklace for a special outing. Pair this choker with a simple classy dress. It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves a little crystal. Look flawlessly glamorous with a touch of this choker.
Femininity at its best. Shine On Me Choker featuring aline enchanting silver diamond shaped rhinestones throughout with lobster clasp closure. Team it up with your outshining silver hoops and glossy lips. A beautiful and elegant plunging maxi gown will be the perfect match with the choker. Obey Maxi Dress features velvet material that is very soft on the skin. Maxi dresses are always a yes for special occasions. Feminine crystal choker will shine you throughout the night.
 One of my favorite crystal chokers is the Diamond Rain Choker, beautiful dangling rhinestones that will get you all the glances around the room. Just lovely and look sparkle at your party. Style the choker with our Half Moon Jumpsuit, that will give a midnight cool masculine feminine soft vibe. The velvet jumpsuit features wide luxe leg openings that give off a more elegant look with the match of the choker.
Beautifully designed that will make the outfit outshining is our Last Dance Choker. This choker is a drapery chain featuring rhinestone dangling. In the night, shine the dance floor pairing with a mini dress (Love Me Right Dress). Front cut-out detailing design that makes the dress more sexy and stunning. Don’t forget to finish the outfit with edgy heels and fancy gleam clutch.
Before the holiday season ends, get yourself a casual to luxury crystal choker to make the outfit a little more special. Depending on your outfit choker necklace can either be a delicate add-on or an edgy statement piece. Don’t be hesitant to shine.
Why Should You Wear High-Waisted Pants and Bodysuits?

Why Should You Wear High-Waisted Pants and Bodysuits?

Last summer, cute crop tops and high-waisted shorts were the outfits to wear, especially for girls with that BOO-TAY. Well baby, it’s FREEZING outside (Unless you live in Miami or LA) and we all want to keep our bodies tight and warm.

I’ve been seeing this new trend of bodysuits all over the Internet from different colors, sizes, lace, mesh, you name it, someone P.R.O.B.A.B.L.Y. designed it. Well, after working out (Best 30-min High Intensity Interval Workout) my abs and my little flat Asian butt, I gave the bodysuit and high-waisted pants a try.

To be honest with you, bodysuits and high-waisted pants go VERY well together, like Jack and Jill, because the bodysuit hugs your waist and keeps your sh*t (I meant shirt) together and the high-waisted pants show off your CURVES. I wore my outfit with some cool Elorin Jewelry from Etsy, my favorite Versace shades, a black leather jacket  and black booties!

Well, stay warm #KShotties because Spring is coming very soon, I hope.




January 27, 2016 — KNOW STYLE